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The awfully hilarious project arose to tackle taboos by telling stories. Our mission is to help shift unhelpful narratives, and amplify historically marginalized voices that need to be heard.

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Creates a needed space

What a great idea for a book... Writing down taboo stories that you tell your friends after a few (or a lot) of drinks! I was lucky enough to be one of Heather's room mates long ago and her amazing energy has persisted through the last couple of decades and created something special and uniquely fun.

R. Knight


Horribly funny

A mixed bag of stories and poems that helped normalize my own embarrassing dating and life mishaps. Heather’s belief that stories connect us, and help us feel less alone, shines through this collection and as I laughed I felt the embrace of all of humanity and all the cringy things I’d done or experienced transmuted into strengths. Bravo.



Well written & just what we all needed!
Makes you smile and relate!

Loved the honesty and the concept is so new & fresh! We all have things to share that will make us laugh and bring us closer together. This compilation is exactly what humanity need right now! Love love love !



Heartfelt and Hilarious

Heartfelt, hilarious and beautifully written. I read the book in one sitting and found myself saying "Oh gawd!", laughing out loud and doing Kegel exercises...

Looking forward to the sequel!



Laughter is the best medicine

This book brings a vulnerable side to the writers. They add laughter and insight into hilarious and sometimes sad situations. The authors do a beautiful job bringing you into the story and reminding you that being human is hilarious. Loved reading the book and reflecting on each story, character and experience.


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    Heather is a creative radical who’s spent years fumbling through life and figuring it out as she goes (not unlike the rest of us). She’s travelled the world on a shoestring and a whim, and spent far too many hours lying in bed alone (or on the toilet in the bar) swiping through to the end of the Tinder-verse.
    Heather Hendrie | Sam McRae Photography

    our beautiful
    partners in crime

    Yin Xzi Ho 何吟曦

    Mother Earth
    Born in Kuala Lumpur and based in Squamish, Yin Xzi is an author and artist with a focus on land-based practices and knowledge. She uses words, illustration, and animation to convey experiences and highlight moments of tenderness.

    Grace Davies

    The Curse of the Tiny Toilet.
    Grace hails from the San Francisco Bay Area and is a mother, writer, comic, mental wellness coach & founder of the No Longer Lonely as F#CK community.

    april joseph

    One + One = Three
    april is a poet and clarinetist from East L.A., CA who creates mourning songs to heal ancestral trauma. april teaches artistic expression to transform lives. (include link to here:


    Vodka, Straight
    Sarah’s DNA comes from all over the world, though she’s lived in Colorado her whole life. A writer, teacher, artist, and coach, Sarah loves how storytelling connects us in subversive and nourishing ways. 

    Pierre-Olivier Gaudreault

    Tomb Raider!
    Based in Squamish, BC, and hailing from rural Quebec, Pierre-Olivier is a writer, avid mountain biker, mountain athlete and environmental change agent.

    Dietmar Heine

    Will the Real Terry Please Stand Up
    Based in Toronto, Dietmar is a coach, facilitator, consultant, and writer. He helps others transform themselves, their relationships, and their organizations.

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    Host June Lucarotti, authors & friends share their stories with the world and invite you to tell yours.
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